professional geothermal design consultants


Proper geothermal sizing, design, and installation is critical to achieving efficient, uninterrupted performance of a GSHP system. When designing for geothermal, conventional heating and cooling approaches need to be mostly placed on hold and the ground source system built around its own unique low-temp technology. A dependable geothermal system is never just "installed." It is properly designed and installed.

This is especially true for larger engineered systems—both residential and commercial [see example pictured below]. Similarly, geothermal design for heating-dominant cold climate GSHP systems needs to be treated somewhat differently than for cooling-dominant (southern U.S.) geothermal applications.

Design-Build Geothermal Services…Residential & Commercial Projects

Whether you wish to retrofit geothermal into a smaller existing home or plan to include it in your energy plan for constructing a larger new home or commercial building, Northern GroundSource will take the time as a full-time professional design-build geothermal contractor to help you determine what will achieve the most comfortable, efficient, and economical results for you.

By combining advanced design and installation methods with ColdClimate™ heat pump technology, Northern GroundSource can deliver high-performance heating that is 96-100% geothermal and help you avoid some of the many pitfalls of a poor or inadequately designed system. (Even if you live in Embarrass!)

In-House AEE Certified GeoExchange Designer

If you are an architect or mechanical engineer seeking professional assistance for a challenging residential or commercial-scale geothermal project, Northern GroundSource can bring to the table an experienced in-house technical consultant who is specially trained and professionally credentialed by the Association of Energy Engineers as a Certified GeoExchange Designer (CGD). Collaboration with an experienced CGD consultant can be especially helpful in circumstances where site geology is particularly callenging or accurate GHEX sizing and design are critically important.

Cold Climate Geothermal Install Cold Climate Geothermal Install

Pictured are opposing South and North wings of a 19,000 sq. ft. home built on Bond Lake near Wascot, WI, in 2004.

A battery of four 5 Ton ECONAR ColdClimate Hydronic Heat Pumps are coupled to a 20 Ton vertically-bored ground heat exchanger (header is presently being excavated). Pipe tails in foreground of first picture shows where U-bend pipe pairs were placed down 180’ bore hole then grouted back to surface. Bore holes were spaced for optimum geothermal performance. Driveway was eventually paved over entire bore field area.

Northern GroundSource was subcontracted by Reuben Johnson & Son, Inc., Duluth, MN, as a geothermal design consultant and loop contractor, working together with Butterfield Well Drilling, Hayward, WI. GSHP mechanical installation was performed by ABE Systems, Duluth, MN.

AEE Certified GeoExchange Designer: AEE's Certified GeoExchange Designer (CGD) program is designed to recognize professionals who have demonstrated high levels of experience, competence, proficiency, and ethical fitness in applying the principles and practices of geothermal heat pump design and related disciplines, as well as to raise the professional standards within the field....
— Association of Energy Engineers