GEOTHERMAL Troubleshooting & Optimization

Not all geothermal systems are created equal. At a time when most heating contractors remained skeptical of geothermal working in the severe cold climate of northern Minnesota, Northern GroundSource broke ground on its first ColdClimate installation in Esko, MN, June 2001. Ground broke for a second system near Babbitt-Embarrass one week later….

Since 2001, Northern GroundSource has canvassed the map—with successful installations across much of north-central and northeastern Minnesota and northwestern Wisconsin—helping to pave much of the way for the recent expansion of geothermal throughout the Northland [click map icon above to view full coverage area]. In 2004 the number of converts to geothermal contracting in the Duluth-Superior area grew from just two…to presently more than a dozen installers.

Troubleshooting "Problem" GSHP Installations

Cold Climate Geothermal Install

Northern GroundSource attempts to effectively analyze, troubleshoot, and correct a problem resulting from a "questionable" GSHP installation.

Unfortunately, not all contractors are created equal. And how much you benefit from geothermal depends greatly on the professional experience and integrity of your contractor. Slick marketing logos and colorful home show displays do not always paint the whole picture. You should always check to see if the contractor at least carries a state-required Mechanical Bond [click MN DOLI or WI DOC icons in footer below for a quick search].

Since 2004, Northern GroundSource has been increasingly called-on to analyze, troubleshoot, and correct problems resulting from inadequate installations by others. Some have resulted in simple solutions—some have required more extensive upgrades or retrofits. Just about all have had the "root problem" finally uncovered…whether it was ultimately worth the expense of correcting or not.

Correcting & Optimizing Your GSHP System

If you have experienced repeated system interruptions (heat pump lockouts), low heat, much higher energy usage than what you were originally told to expect, or your installing contractor has just stopped returning your calls…Northern GroundSource is now offering an exclusive new service to help troubleshoot inherent GSHP system problems and try to make reasonable corrections or adjustments when we can. With many excellent industry resources at our disposal, you will feel relieved to know that you are finally dealing with genuinely competent and experienced geothermal professionals for help.

Northern GroundSource and its specialty trade partners have experience working with all leading manufactured heat pumps, including: ENERTECH: GeoComfort / Hydron Module / TETCO / ECONAR; Florida Heat Pump (FHP): BOSCH / GeoExcel; Water Furnace; ClimateMaster; Bryant…MORE…

Just call with your specific concern, and we will see if it is possible to correct your GSHP installation and/or optimize your system.

[DISCRETIONARY NOTE: Northern GroundSource will not disclose the name of any contractor or company whose installation or equipment we have been asked to troubleshoot, correct, or repair. Similarly, Northern GroundSource will not disclose the name(s) of any GSHP system owner(s) without their express consent. Testimonials below came to us originally unsolicited; permission was obtained to include owner names here except as otherwise granted and/or referenced.]

"Thank you for your efforts to get me back up and running strong…Your commitment and positive helpful attitude is a joy to receive, especially in a world of automated answering services and declining customer service…I know, more than a hundred times over, that going with you and your company was the right choice for us. "
— Mike VanStaagen, Duluth 2013

"Thank you for the work you and your guys did to correct our heat pump installation problems at our cabin in Tower last year. The system is running great, and I greatly appreciate your willingness to put in the extra effort to accommodate my schedule and travel constraints to make the fix."
— Douglas Watkins, Tower 2010

"Our units are working! If I didn't see it with my own eyes I wouldn't believe we are using the same [GSHP] units…the installation is that different. I obviously had no idea how bad of a hack job I started with. There is just something clean and neat about the installation now, it looks finished not just done."
— [Name by request only] Carlton 2009

"Thanks for your professional insight…I especially appreciate your continued interest and concern of our system. You represent the best in customer service and follow up that I have experienced!…"
— Robert Owens, Duluth 2004