Ground Source Installation


How Northern GroundSource Brings You Exceptional GSHP System Performance:

  • Accurate system sizing (to 100%)—based on actual building plans or fuel usage history
  • Professional in-house design—you will work directly with an AEE Certified Geo-Exchange Designer…not just an "installer"
  • Custom printed reports—showing accurate energy savings, cost recovery, and 30-year cost of ownership projections
  • Reliable, durable GSHP installations—hundreds of successful Northland systems all operating efficiently—not just by accident but by design!…
  • Advanced cold climate applications—Northern GroundSource "trade secrets" that will maximize heating comfort and economy [see "close header" below]
  • Specialized GSHP system designs—combined hydronic radiant floor/forced air heat-cool applications; high-efficiency multi-stage/variable-speed forced air…pond loops; vertically rock-bored systems; custom designed high-performance horizontal loops
  • Professional trade partners—Northern GroundSource is well-aligned with many other excellent professionals in the HVAC, mechanical engineering, architectural, and construction industries...working only with top industry leaders
  • NATE qualified & compliant with IGSHPA Standards—Accredited Installer/Dealer/Contractor, and Member of the International Ground Source Heat Pump Association (IGSHPA) since 2001.

What an Advanced Northern GroundSource Cold Climate System Always Brings You:

  • Immediate relief from high energy bills—from the moment you turn the heat on (and it will always work the first time)
  • Freedom from increasing fuel costs—it’s one financial pressure that will just fade away, never to return to your mailbox again
  • Plan for a brighter future—knowing that you have a permanent supply of renewable heat for life (at least 70% that’s totally free)…a value you can even leave for your children
  • Feel secure & confident—everything will keep running smoothly, because of the special durability that’s built into your Northern GroundSource designed-and-installed system
  • Relax in total comfort—with gentle, even heat throughout the house, no cold spots!…
  • Take pride in your installation—it will look terrific, conserve a lot of energy, and keep saving you money…forever.

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On systems requiring a more consolidated excavation footprint, return pipe tails are rolled out evenly between spaced coils to maximum geothermal performance. Frequently it is more practical to excavate an open pit instead of widely spaced individual trenches—since either method can be designed to achieve the same result!

It might not look like much, but pictured is an example of a modest "trade secret" employed by Northern GroundSource to optimize geothermal performance: A "close header" is applied at GHEX end loops to balance loop system flow more evenly across header at the basin of this advanced hybrid pond application.

One of the most versatile and advanced ColdClimate GSHP designs delivers 100% hydronic heating and cooling throughout your home or commercial building. It is capable of providing both radiant floor and forced air heating—along with forced air cooling—within one fully integrated and highly efficient system.

Specialty trade partner, McKeever Well Drilling, Schroeder, MN, applies spring-loaded spreader clips to U-bend and grout tremie pipes as they are fed down a 320' hole in Lake Superior rock. McKeever developed its own advanced grout formula and mixing process to maximize GHEX performance while minimizing drilling cost.